Hello, I am an 18year old female and a lactose intolerant D1 student athlete. This blog is about my fit lifestyle and my goal, which is to go from good shape to amazing shape. I live by the mantra "You can do anything you set your mind to."


No more no carb diet!

Okay so I did the no carb diet for 8days and honestly with lent coming up and further analyzing this diet, I realized there’s much better options for me then limiting myself and taking out two food groups.

My problem is I have too much muscle, I’m too bulky for my liking, therefore I’ve researched and figured out a way to slim down the right way!

I’m going to do “marathon cardio” meaning I with run at a high intensity for a long period of time. I am already running 7 miles every other day, but I’m going to change that to 8miles every day, and hopefully by the end of lent I can be up to 11 or 12 miles everyday (with one rest day a week of course).

Along with this new workout regime I’m going to introduce carbs back into my diet, but only the good carbs from fruit and whole grains! Which I’m so glad about because I miss my bananas and whole wheat toast! Hopefully this way I’ll be able to lose the 15lbs of muscle so that my body shape is more feminine looking 😊👍